The Grand Prospect Hall

The Grand Prospect Hall project took about 3 years for Lauren to complete Mr. Mike Halkies, the owner of the Grand Prospect Hall, hired artist Poutchkov Vladimir in 1993 to portray a lively ballroom scene. The artist scattered among the dancers the faces of Halkias' friends and famous singers such us Luciana Pavarotti . The walls were bare inside the historic catering palace before the Lauren began his work. The only place that was finished was the theater. ThenVladimir had to come up with new ideas that would reflect the architecture and the time frame of the historic building. The Grand Prospect Hall is located at 263 Prospect Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn N.Y. Also look at the different view of the murals at Grand Prospect Hall website by clicking on the logo in top left corner. Click read more link to read more about this project.



Original composition: full-scale charcoal drawing on carton


" Fragments "

















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